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Valle dei Ratti

e Tracciolino

Valle dei Ratti e Tracciolino

Author: Oreste Forno

Publisher: Beno Editore

Issue: Sondrio, 2017
Details: Italian + English (by Kim Sommerschield)

180 pages, 48x22cm

with trail map 1:25.000

Price: 25,00 €

Author and photographer Oreste Forno has been the watchman of the Moledana dam above Verceia (Valchiavenna) in the Valle dei Ratti for over a decade. During this period he has explored the high- and byplaces of this remote and rugged terrain, suspended between lakes and granite peaks.

In the first ever book dedicated to this magical place, Oreste's narrative and photographs bring the Valle dei Ratti and the Tracciolino - the spectacular cycling and hiking route clinging to the precipices leading to the Val Codera - memorably to life.

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