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Alfredo Corti

From mountaineering to the Resistance


Alfredo Corti: from Mountaineering to the Resistance

Author: Raffaele Occhi

Publisher: Beno Editore


Edition: Sondrio, 2018


Italian + English (by Kim Sommerschield)

276 pages, 48x22cm, printed in colour

Price: 25,00 €

Alfredo Corti (Tresivio 1880 – Rome 1973) was one the Valtellina’s finest and most charismatic mountaineers. He had an extraordinary ability to combine challenging mountain climbs and explorations with skill in describing and illustrating them with text and photographs. University professor and proud anti-fascist, he participated in the Resistance alongside individuals who were destined to play key roles in resurrecting Italy from the ashes of two decades of fascist rule and the Second World War. Based on exhaustive research and many hitherto unpublished sources, this is the first biography of a seminal figure in Italian mountaineering, in which details of his colourful life are flanked by magnificent photographs from his own priceless archive.


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 The Author 

Born in Bormio in 1954, Raffaele Occhi holds a degree in engineering and has always been attracted by mountains, not least little known places with a special allure. He is passionate about literature and the history of mountaineering and has undertaken extensive research into numerous pioneering explorers of the Valtellina, Grisons and Tyrolean mountains, writing biographies and translating original accounts of first ascents. He has initiated and supported various initiatives aimed at disseminating knowledge of all aspects of the mountains.
 He is an Academic Member of the GISM (Association of Italian Mountain Authors) and has published numerous articles in specialised periodicals ranging from the Rivista del CAI (Italian Alpine Journal) to Le Montagne Divertenti (to which he is an assiduous contributor).

Married with 3 children, Raffaele Occhi lives and works in Milan.

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